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Spike Necklaces

Unique Spiked Necklaces

One of the best features of spiked necklaces is the fact that they aren't just a striking type of jewelry worn to nightclubs and other events where clothing must make a woman appear energetic and breathtaking. Spiked necklaces don't necessarily have to be a choker style and can be a long, chunky design that offers a vivid focal point for any ensemble.

When many people think of a spiked collar, a pit-bull or other type of crazy dog comes to mind, and that's just fine for many women who want to let everyone know that they have a wild side just waiting to be shown to the world. Another fun way to wear spikes is with spike collar necklaces that are shaped like the collar of a button-down shirt. These awesome accessories, with their black and silver rhinestones, can transform a staid and dull outfit meant for the office into a cool and playful outfit for going out at night.

Black, Silver, Gold & More

As many fashionistas know, a woman's choice of necklace often guides the rest of her jewelry choices, so spiked collar necklaces might look beautiful with some similar earrings that are spiky or even some hair ornaments crafted to appear like spikes. A spiked collar might even link to a longer necklace or even an earring with a delicate chain. One of the most gorgeous ways to use spikes on necklaces is to get a very long necklace that might dangle all the way to the belly-button or waist.

Long spiked necklaces may create a very regal look to an outfit and depending on the shape and width of the spikes a long necklace may even help a woman to appear ethereal and otherworldly. There are also long necklaces with spikes that are much wider and substantial in appearance, such as those featuring a giant bead at the bottom that's lined with smaller beads around the length of the chain.