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Color Block Necklaces

Statement Color Block Necklaces

Color block necklaces are definitely one of the best trendy features to come out of the popular style of color blocking clothing, and you don't have to color block your outfit to take advantage of this cool trend with your jewelry. Grabbing someone's attention with a color blocked necklace is easy because they're usually so bright and shiny.

One of the neat features of multi-color necklaces is that they're not all made of gems and jewels. Many beautiful color block necklaces are made in different fabrics, which means they're a lot lighter than they might seem when worn around the neck. Of course, there are also some amazingly vivid bib necklaces that are made of beads, jewels, and crystals that will turn anyone's eye.

If you haven't tried color blocking before, there are a few simple rules to remember, and these rules are quite easy when applied to necklaces and jewelry. For clothing, the rule usually requires sticking to just a few colors, but color blocked jewelry can have four or five colors and still adhere to the style. Additionally, it's best to stay away from patterns like stripes and animal prints, although this is usually quite simple with color blocked jewelry.

Bib, Link, Fabric & More

If you decide to wear a gorgeous neon necklace of orange, pink, and green, try wearing a subdued color for your clothing, like some black leather leggings and a tight top with spaghetti straps. The large size of color blocked necklaces usually requires a nice amount of skin, and a shirt that dips low in the front is perfect to show off that new three tone fabric necklace.

Other bright and beautiful color block options include stark bib necklaces of black and white, which might pair well with brighter clothing (or look terrific at a Black & White party!) as well as necklaces in various hues of blue that look like a wave in the ocean.