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Chain Link Necklaces

Unique Chain Link Necklaces

For any woman who wants to tell the world how she feels with her fashions, there's no better way than to do so with chain link necklaces that feature a phrase or word at the bottom. A woman might want to proclaim to the world that she will "trust no man" or she might want to share how awesomely "bad" she is with a chain link necklace that calls to mind the ladies of Love & Hip Hop or the beautiful Rihanna.

Women's chain link necklaces can also make a strong statement when they're in a design that might have been favored by men not too long ago. A chunky necklace with thick chains that has a huge pendant or cross at the bottom can proclaim a woman's strength while also displaying a femininity through the intricacy of the chains and subtle gold features.

One of the awesome characteristics of oversized chain link necklaces is that each can be worn by anyone with any body type. Certain necklaces require statuesque height or a certain face shape, but the commanding statement of a chain link necklace will definitely put a woman's style on the map. These jewelry statements don't have to be part of a costume that's worn just a few times a year. Sporting a gold Lion Head ring is a subtle way to throw a little rebellion into a dull work outfit.

Silver, Gold, Crystal Styles & More

Any woman who wants to create a noticeable and sexy persona, like style maven Kim Kardashian, will want to try out a blinged-out statement necklace with huge silver chain links or a thick gold necklace that's the width of a belt and has the take-no-prisoners attitude to match. Adding a special ID or nameplate to the necklace will create an even tougher persona for the strong modern woman.

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