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Body Chain Necklaces

Silver & Gold Body Chain Necklaces

Sexy clothes aren't complete without the perfect jewelry, and some of the slinkiest and sexiest jewelry options out there are body chain necklaces, commonly worn by famous stunners like Rihanna and wild celebrities like Miley Cyrus. A body chain necklace may be created in a very delicate style with just a few small tendrils wrapping around the body or it might be thicker and more noticeable with strand upon strand hanging low to the waist.

Just like any other type of necklace, choosing the most flattering body chain means taking a look at body type, height and the sort of event for which the body chain will be used. A delicate chain that will cross right below the solar plexus and wrap around the hips is a perfect accessory for the beach and will turn a boring bikini into a sexy, shiny outfit.

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Long necklaces are often best worn by people of medium and tall height; however, anyone who wants to showcase the daring style of silver body chain necklaces can wear these beautiful pieces. Anyone who is less than 5'4" tall might want to find a body chain that's shorter than 22 inches while anyone above that height would be able to wear longer necklaces with more ease. Body chains often have a tendril that hangs down the back, in addition to the chains across the front, so consider this feature when matching a body chain to an outfit.

Necklaces can usually be made longer or shorter by a few inches, so take note of the minimum and maximum length when choosing which gold body chain necklaces might go the best with an outfit. Material, too, makes a difference in the end result. A body necklace with a tiny link chain might work best for a sleek, dark outfit worn to a nightclub while the brilliance of a crystal body chain might show up wonderfully poolside.