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Trendy Earrings

Trendy & Stylish Earrings

Keeping up with style trends is definitely a full-time job, as anyone who writes a fashion blog or attends fashion shows can show. There's always some new trendy earrings that need to be documented or showcased at a designer show that quickly makes its way to the fashion and jewelry that regular women wear every day.

Figuring out which stylish earrings are the height of fashion and which earrings need to be put away for a few years is often best handled with a look at what celebrities are wearing at red carpet events, parties, and during performances.

One of the vivid styles that's recently come back into vogue is the gorgeous hoop earring that's so large it would touch the shoulders of even the most statuesque women. Classic gold and silver hoops remain infinitely popular as do hoops that have embellishments on them like crystal, crosses, and lion heads.

Crosses, Dangle, Statement Jewelry

Fashion trends seem to move a million miles a minute, but even if you own a style that isn't very popular at the moment, never throw those old earrings away. There's a strong chance that those earrings will come back into style and be usable again in just a few years, just like the spike covered jewelry that made its way into fashion in the 1970s and has returned, big-time in major label fashion today.

The hoop earrings that everyone seems to be wearing these days could have been lifted directly from the pages of a fashion magazine published in the 1990s. Likewise, the delicate and shiny cross earrings that have come back into fashion were tremendously popular in the 1980s, with stars like Madonna pioneering the look with her crazy, original style. Keeping an eye on celebrity magazines is a great way to keep up with popular jewelry styles, but it never hurts to be original and strike out with your own, unique style.

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