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Hoop Earrings

Celebrity Hoop Earrings

As a beautiful accent for the face, hoop earrings are always in style, although lately it seems like celebrities, singers, and anyone with a stylist has shown up through the lens of a paparazzi camera with a pair of beautiful hoops in her ears. Hoops were huge in the 90s (literally and figuratively!), and they've come back again as one of the best styles for the chic, modern woman.

Sultry stars like Rihanna wear thick gold hoops that help create a bold statement, as a vivid part of a beautiful ensemble. Likewise, beautiful actresses like Camilla Belle like to draw their hair back to reveal beautiful large hoop earrings that create a polished and sophisticated look. Whether they're attending a red carpet event or are at a party, celebrities definitely know how to dress up their hoops with features like Swarovski Crystals and braided gold or silver.

One of the biggest reasons to wear celebrity hoop earrings is that each makes a statement and actually frames the face with jewelry, just as a necklace provides part of the frame at the neck. If a woman has a statuesque neck and wants to take advantage of this beautiful feature, a large, thin pair of hoop earrings can certainly add a stylish and ladylike flair to just about any ensemble.

Circle, Oval, Diamond Shaped & More

On the other hand, some unique styles of hoop earrings in textures of leather or fabric can create an entirely different persona that catches the eye immediately. For example, a large pair of square hoops will certainly turn heads, as will thick hoops that seem to defy the laws of physics with their size and width. Don't forget to look at your necklace, rings, and any other jewelry features you might be wearing to make sure your chosen hoops complete your look with style.

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