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Feather Earrings

Feather Peacock Earrings

When most people think of earrings, they think of gold, silver, and gemstones, but one of the coolest styles of earrings today are the subtly hippy-like feather earrings that have started to become popular as a part of all sorts of ensembles. These beautiful earrings are usually quite simple, yet their fantastically interesting texture and color helps the wearer project a bright and earthy persona wherever she goes.

Some of the fun elements of feather earrings is that they are at home in the ears of a woman who loves earth tones and a natural look, but they're also at home in the ears of a style maven who wants to make sure that every piece of clothing and accessories is interesting and trendy. The fashion world is just getting used to feather earrings and has even come up with flashier versions with feather peacock earrings.

It's likely that, with a little time, these stylish earrings will start to show up on countless celebrities who are opting for a natural and organic look for their fashion choices. Women who want to show up at a party or a gathering wearing something unique and memorable will want to try the celebrity-inspired feather earrings in vivid colors of purple, red, and green that hang from delicate gold chains and beaded ropes.

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These delicate earrings create a beautiful balance between a style that's earthy and natural and the shinier persona of someone who loves their jewelry covered in gold and bright colors. Feather earrings are also a terrific way for anyone who has small and delicate ear lobes to be able to wear a large pair of earrings that won't weigh down the ears or head since feathers are gloriously light and airy to wear as jewelry.