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Cross Earrings

Dangling & Large Cross Earrings

The subtle charm of a pair of dangling cross earrings add beauty and shine to any woman's outfit and will definitely draw the eyes toward the delicate slope of a woman's neck. Choosing a pair of dangling earrings is a wonderful addition to an outfit meant for a night at a fancy party or an expensive restaurant, but it's also possible to get really big cross earrings and have a pair that's a perfect style for a nightclub.

Large cross earrings are a wonderful accessory for any woman looking to emulate the fun and carefree style of the 1980s, like the classic Madonna look, circa her "Like a Virgin" era. Big chain necklaces or gold ropes, thick cross earrings, and belly-bearing tops all evoke a vintage style that's suddenly trendy again a full 30 years after Madonna made her mark on the fashion world.

Cross earrings that are more on the tiny side are also an appropriate addition to daytime ensembles where a woman might want to add a little flair to her classic black pumps, sleek tights, and leather jacket. Most women will want to have a few different sizes of earrings, but it's best not to assume that large earrings are for stylish evening events and small earrings are for daytime occasions.

Gold, Silver, Crystals & More Styles

One fun aspect of cross earrings, as well as hoop earrings and anything else that may dangle, is that it often depends on the material of the earrings as far as where they would be most appropriately worn. Additionally, the earrings might pair well with different types of necklaces, bracelets, and rings and can probably be switched with many different ensembles. Some glittery hoop earrings might pair best with thin, wiry necklace and a few bangles while some thick cross earrings might go best with a huge chain link necklace.