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Fashion & Trendy Earrings

No outfit is complete without a beautiful pair of fashion earrings, but choosing the best pair is almost like choosing lottery numbers. There are so many combinations and any one could be the winning ticket. One of the first choices to make in getting the perfect pair of earrings for your ensemble is choosing a pair that's the right length for your body shape, as well as the occasion or event.

Big earrings are okay for just about every occasion imaginable, even if it's just a trip to work in the morning, but the features on those hoops or chunky dangle earrings make a big difference for an outfit's overall style. Just ask the ladies of Basketball Wives who always look like a million bucks with their magnificent earrings and jewelry.

A pair of very thin hoops that are huge are often a perfect style for a nightclub (and bring to mind the always-fashionable Jennifer Lopez), while dialing the size back just a tad on those thin hoops would make them appropriate for a lunch with your girlfriends at a neighborhood cafe.

Sometimes an event might call for some oversize crystal stud earrings that dial up the sparkle on a nightclub outfit while another style might call for some teardrop studs in a color like silver or graphite. Remember to match the size of the studs with the size of your earlobe. Sometimes small earlobes might have a little trouble hanging on to a fairly heavy set of trendy earrings with huge crosses hanging at the bottom.

Chain Linked, Sterling Silver, Bamboo & More

Treating your earlobes with care with some designer style earrings is just as important as choosing the right pair for the occasion. Those dangly earrings that feature the word "BOSS" on them might make you feel like you're on Love & Hip Hop, but make sure your fabulous look isn't going to get caught on your clothing. Try a shoulder-baring top or dress if you're interested in wearing some heavy chain-link earrings.

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