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Cuff Bracelets

Cuff Bracelets for Women

Delicate chain bracelets will always be popular; however, one of the styles of which any fashionista should take note are the cuff bracelets that have started to appear on the arms of celebrities, performers, and everyone in the spotlight. Singers love to wear leather cuff bracelets as a way to look tough and this fashion trend has spread to nightclubs to become a favorite of women who prefer leather over spandex when they hit the weekend club circuit.

Some celebrity cuff bracelets have bridged the gap between a very earthy and "flower child" appeal of a beaded bracelet and the modern style cuff covered in shiny gems instead of beads or opaque stones. These large cuffs often have beautiful patterns of beads in circular or cross displays on one side of the band, and then the rest of the bracelet features engravings on what is usually a leather surface.

One of the most stylish and eye-catching styles of cuff bracelets is probably the crystal tip bracelet that many skinny celebrities have started to wear on their upper arms. These bracelets aren't as thin as stackable bangles, but it's still possible to layer a few of these bracelets as a stylish complement to jewelry that has a lot of sparkle, rhinestones, and gold.

Crystal, Gold, Silver, Spiked & More

One of the prevailing styles in today's cuff bracelets is that they're often quite large and might be more noticeable than just about any other piece of costume jewelry a woman might wear. For an exceptionally commanding style, it is indeed possible to layer thick cuff bracelets, but it's a style that has to be chosen with care since each cuff bracelet is often so unique and dramatic. If stacking the bracelets up on one arm seems like too much, try wearing one on each wrist for a subtler and stylish effect.

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