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Bangle Bracelets

Fashion Bangle Bracelets

Skinny bangles, fat bangles, wood bangles, or gold bangles... all of these trendy and fashionable designs make for quite a tough decision on how to dress up an outfit for the club or a fashionable ensemble for a lunch date. One of the most striking ways to wear bangle bracelets is in a large stack of 10 to 15 bangles on one arm. This is a style that almost all girls tried at least once when they were young, but which has become a trendy way to spice up a boring outfit.

Some of today's coolest trendy bangle bracelets are in unique shapes that almost look like abstract sculptures and modern art. These bracelets are often made of wood and may be a cute part of a lunchtime outfit. Alternatively, they might be made of a neon color of plastic and be the perfect accompaniment to a nighttime club outfit. The bright colors show up beautifully under the lights of a club whether a woman is dancing or is on the sidelines, taking in the view.

Some of the most beautiful fashion bangle bracelets combine a few different styles, and this is often where celebrity designed bangles receive their inspiration. Designer styles today might combine a black leather bracelet with a vivid silver chain or cover it in spikes. Another interesting hybrid design is one that takes a spike or two of a bright stone for dramatic emphasis and pairs it with a gold or silver band, which is usually associated with class and sophistication.

Wood, Leather, Crystals & More

Women's bangle bracelets today come in just about every color and style imaginable, which means that no matter the type of statement she wishes to make, there's a color, texture, and design out there to suit her interests. Make a bold statement with leather and gold, or go the ladylike route with thin bangles of turquoise, beads, and delicate chains.